AFL and the Piedmont Contractors Resource Center Host BIM Bootcamp

Winston-Salem, North Carolina — Architect for Life PC held their “Building Information Modeling Boot Camp” on Saturday June 16.

The camp brought in architects and contractors from across the country. They explored building design, learned how to use building model for cost, analyze cost estimating, organize approaches, applied BIM and went inside models to understand analysis and get insight to tie real time decisions to dollars.

The camp was a daylong event filled with various learning experiences taught by the Architect for Life team.

The morning mission was to understand BIM as a contractor’s asset, know its operations and know how to set parameters.

In the morning, AFL conducted an interactive session as they shared expertise/decisions in the building systems offering input and better understanding information that can be extracted in BIM’s ease of use, helping attendees gain confidence in involvement inside the creation process.

The afternoon mission was to use BIM for “Whole Building Design”.

The afternoon highlight was to use the model generated from the morning to know how to go through the building and identify where this information is to support a cost estimate. Attendees were shown how to get the model to respond to cost saving alternatives and be confident in an estimate from the BIM analysis.

For information on the next BIM bootcamp you can visit or  call 888-986-7771.

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