Senior Center Energy Efficiency Measures

This project delivered formulation of energy conservation programs, energy usage goals, reduced energy consumption, and identification of energy efficient techniques for design of and construction for a commissioned county-owned Senior Center Facility. The strategies developed and implemented will improve the energy efficiency within the building sector. Increased energy efficiency, reduced energy consumption and reduced energy cost, through designated and documentable processes, will yield efficiency improvements designed and installed within the Senior Center facility. Through the guidance and development of these strategies, quality design, documented commissioning, improved indoor air quality and related environmental indicators will be seen within the facility.

Fort Bend County’s design is the first commissioned and Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) Certified facility owned and operated by the County. The County has determined the incremental additional cost of construction directly associated with the required energy efficient upgrades and specifications necessary for the successful commissioning and LEED Certification process. This incremental cost is an acceptable industry standard. The incremental difference is the value that would be acceptable and directly linked to appropriate federal funding.
Architect for Life was responsible for oversight of federal fund expenditures to cover the following: design and implementation of energy efficient installations, the identification of the most effective methods for achieving maximum participation and efficiency rates, public education, and possible measurement and verification protocols, within the identification and specification of energy efficient and environmental technologies, materials, equipment and building systems. ARCHI*TECHNICS/3, INC. is the architect of record for the Senior Center.