George Memorial Library Retrofit Oversight Travis Administration Retrofit Oversight, Rosenberg, TX

Architect for Life now monitors energy savings after providing EECBG Program Management oversight for four Fort Bend County Retrofits.

• George Memorial Library and Chiller Building totaling 77,000 sq ft serves the county as the largest library, workshop and community gathering place.
• William B. Travis Administration Building totaling 110,192 sq ft houses the County Judge, Commissioner Court, Auditor Offices, Purchasing and Procurement, Payroll, County Attorney and various other administrative and operational offices.
• Rosenberg Annex totaling 93,333 sq ft houses Health & Human Services, Social Services/Veterans/HHS, Indigent Care, Clinical Health, Environmental Health, Electrons and Records Management.
• Sugar Land Annex totaling 18,803 sq ft houses Transportation, Tax Assessor and Truancy Court with Judge Shaw.

Architect for Life coordinates with Fort Bend County Facilities to track and update kWh usage and dollars spent to calculate an actual return on investment from the Energy Efficiency Block Grant dollars spent. Using Department of Energy recommended software, Architect for Life reports to the DOE quarterly as monitored results show good stewardship over dollars spent.

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