Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Manager is an interactive energy management tool that AFL has mastered to allow us to track and assess energy and water consumption across your entire portfolio of buildings in a secure online environment. Whether you own, manage, or hold properties for investment, Portfolio Manager can help you set investment priorities, identify under-performing buildings, verify efficiency improvements, and receive EPA recognition for superior energy performance.

  • How Can Portfolio Manager Help Me?

    • Manage Energy and Water Consumption for all Buildings
    • Rate Building Energy Performance
    • Estimate Your Carbon Footprint
    • Set Investment Priorities
    • Verify and Track Progress of Improvement Projects
    • Gain EPA Recognition
  • Manage Energy and Water Consumption for All Buildings

    Portfolio Manager helps you track and assess energy and water consumption within individual buildings as well as across your entire building portfolio. Enter energy consumption and cost data into your Portfolio Manager account to benchmark building energy performance, assess energy management goals over time, and identify strategic opportunities for savings and recognition opportunities. Any building can efficiently track and manage resources through the use of Portfolio Manager. The tool allows you to streamline your portfolio’s energy and water data, and track key consumption, performance, and cost information portfolio-wide. For example, you can:
    • Track multiple energy and water meters for each facility
    • Customize meter names and key information
    • Benchmark your facilities relative to their past performance
    • View percent improvement in weather-normalized
    • Monitor energy and water costs
    • Share your building data with others inside or outside of your organization
    • Enter operating characteristics, tailored to each space use category within your building.
  • Rate Your Building’s Energy Performance

    For many facilities, you can rate their energy performance on a scale of 1–100 relative to similar buildings nationwide. Your building is not compared to the other buildings entered into Portfolio Manager to determine your ENERGY STAR rating. Instead, statistically representative models are used to compare your building against similar buildings from a national survey conducted by the Department of Energy’s Energy Information Administration. This national survey, known as the Commercial Building Energy Consumption Survey (CBECS), is conducted every four years, and gathers data on building characteristics and energy use from thousands of buildings across the United States. Your building’s peer group of comparison is those buildings in the CBECS survey that have similar building and operating characteristics. A rating of 50 indicates that the building, from an energy consumption standpoint, performs better than 50% of all similar buildings nationwide, while a rating of 75 indicates that the building performs better than 75% of all similar buildings nationwide.

    EPA’s energy performance rating system based on source energy, accounts for the impact of weather variations as well as changes in key physical and operating characteristics of each building. Buildings rating 75 or greater may qualify for the ENERGY STAR label.