Seminars and Workshops

  • Reducing Operating Costs from Within

    This workshop, entitled “Reducing Operational Costs from Within”, focuses on saving operational dollars tied to the cost of building stock. The U. S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) reports nearly half (49%) of all CO2 emissions in 2009 came from the building sector. By comparison, transportation accounted for 28.2% of CO2 emissions and industry 22.7%. Of the electricity we consume, over three-quarters (77%) goes just to operate buildings we live and work in every day.

    To address the need for environmental stewardship and bottom-line sustainability with profitability, this workshop addresses three key areas: 1) the challenge of energy consumption, 2) the need to reduce operating dollars for long-term financial success, and 3) the best plan of action with both stewardship and operational cost reduction as key components.

    Attendees will leave with statistical background, problem definition, and key strategies to take back for review and possible implementation resulting in key operational savings.
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis

    This seminar, entitled "Life Cycle Cost Analysis, defines and explains the LCCA process for easy understanding with practical examples. When making critical facilities management decisions, one must look at the cost of investment and/or procurement as well as additional factors through maintenance, repair and disposal or replacement. Attendees will leave with an easier, more holistic approach to making better capital improvement decisions.
  • Green Leases

    This seminar defines and explains Green Leases. The real estate market is showing more of a demand for sustainable landlord management. Studies show that more tenants are willing to pay more per square foot for a legitimately recognized green building as well as a corresponding green lease. Attendees will leave with a better understanding of items to include, pitfalls to avoid, and potential added income to be made.
  • Rammed Earth Construction

    Energy Efficiency and sustainability can only reach an optimum level if we consider a different method of constructing our exterior walls. Learn the rationale and commercial use of rammed earth construction. Understand the short-term and long-term benefits on your operating costs, as well as the environment. Attendees will leave with a detailed case study description showing a 40% reduction in electricity usage.
  • Building Information Modeling

    With new technology emerging in the market place building information modeling has become an essential part of estimation and cost evaluation even before the ground breaking ceremony. Our BIM seminar teacher the integrative design process with in depth overview of how BIM can benefit your project for better analysis to offer more options for your clients. Learn how to become a critical part of the integrated whole building approach.
  • Successful Community Engagement for Charter Schools

    One of the most crucial elements of any school, particularly charter schools, is the engagement of parents and the community. The cornerstone of successfully engaging the community begins with a strong community advisory board. The leadership they can provide will correlate into successful public relations campaigns, consistent outreach programs, and a reciprocal relationship between key stakeholders outside of the school’s organization. It is within these areas that we will provide key community engagement tools for parents, teachers and other key participants.