Tierra Eco Solutions uses soil to save the Earth

Energy Efficient Rammed Earth Building designed for Katy, Texas—

Architect for Life is leading the design and construction team seeking LEED certification for an insulated rammed earth office building in Katy, Texas.  The owner, Tierra Eco Solutions, along with the general contractor, Tierracotta Builders, are dedicated to helping create a cleaner, more energy efficient environment while reducing their carbon footprint.   This facility will beautifully prove that one can have it all:  people, productivity and profit while contributing to the sustainability of our planet.

Enhanced indoor air quality, with little or no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), will be inherent in the design and implementation because there will be no typical gypsum wallboard or stud framing throughout the facility.  Therefore, there will be no means for mold or termite damage to enter this facility.

Renewable on-site energy through solar with rainwater harvesting are a part of the design, as well as recycled materials throughout for the floors and other areas.  Look forward to more photographs as this project seeks LEED certification.



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