Your Stories

  • When Tierra Eco Solutions decided to seek LEED Certification for our sustainable project, I started looking for a LEED consultant. Our goal was to build a headquarters for our company that exemplified a totally sustainable solution. How great was my surprise to find Architect for Life initially through the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) website. We contacted them. We completed the interview process, and knew their team was the perfect choice to meet our environmental goals. Through Architect for Life, we are seeking LEED Gold Certification for our project. And, according to a USGBC representative, Tierra Eco Solutions may have the first rammed earth commercial building seeking LEED Gold certification in the U.S. In the past years, Architect for Life has been more than a consultant to our firm. They have gone far beyond their responsibilities offering new business opportunities for our company.
    Mauricio Lopez, Owner, Tierra Eco Solutions
  • As a business owner and training consultant, I have observed and worked with Lolalisa in multiple settings, both professionally and socially. I have seen her explain financial and money-handling principles in a small group Sunday school setting as well as with a sanctuary full of people. I have also seen Lolalisa exhibit swift technological and organizational skills in a virtual office environment. I saw her electronically grab files from her US based server while we were in Germany. I thought that was a great example of how technologically advanced we've become. ....And, how nice it was to know a professional who can deliver customer service from anywhere on the planet. I have seen Lolalisa combat adversity and tough economic times to land successfully on her feet while making certain those on her team were appreciated and financially stable as well. One of the projects she worked on is not far from my office: The King's Inn at Sedgefield. Talk about re-purposing! Lolalisa helped her client fulfill a "bed & breakfast dream" by carefully saving, orchestrating, and coordinating three large homes, destined for road right-of-way demolition, to be moved, reset on new footings and completed as a single detached private home offering five beautifully appointed suites with private baths, sitting areas and other delightful amenities. Lolalisa worked diligently with the contractor and the city ultimately helping to create a thriving business for a business-minded, forward-thinking family. The environmentally-friendly approach was just another tool in Lolalisa's arsenal of "going green"! Should one have a need to think out-of-box in an approach to cost-saving, energy-efficient, eco-friendly design or to just improve existing operational strategies, Lolalisa and her team at Architect for Life are the "go to" folks to use.
    Beckey Addington,
  • It is the mission of the Piedmont Contractors Resource Center (PCRC) to provide and align members with resources and leads geared toward enhancing their skills to grow and operate a construction-related business.  It is because of this mission, we are continuously seeking advanced training and development for our membership.  Therefore, when we were made aware that Architect for Life had a "Next Generation Contractor" Seminar, we inquired of its objectives, content and delivery process.  Upon realizing that the focus was to educate, through example, the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) as a tool to 1) better understand the intended building systems, 2) better understand the Integrated Design Process, and 3) place the contractor in  "value add" position with a potential Owner offering sustainable and cost-saving options through the study and use of data and analysis captured from the BIM electronic files,  we then contracted with Architect for Life to deliver a one-day, high-impact BIM BOOTCAMP.  We truly got our money's worth.  The team from Architect for Life captured each hour with insightful information, practical and easy usage ideas, and hands on examples that allowed attendees to leave with enriched knowledge that they could use immediately.  An example of extracting information for take offs was also a highlight of the session, along with much more.  If one were looking to bring a contracting organization to the next level of technology with sustainability, then I would highly recommend bringing in theArchitect for Life team to help prepare your group as a "Next Generation Contractor".
    Bernard Foy, Piedmont Contractors Resource Center
  • I have seen Architect for Life's President, Lolalisa, explain technical design strategies in simple layman’s terms through power point presentations such that all end users could understand our goal and the path to achieve that goal. As a licensed architect, Lolalisa is comfortable and experienced with every phase of design — from the architectural, through the structural, as well as mechanical, electrical and plumbing. She understands how all of the systems work together to create an energy efficient design. Lolalisa has served as our consultant, on planning and/or construction for various projects including a multi-story hotel and banquet center in Spotsylvania, Virginia, with a very difficult zoning board and building review panel, historic preservation for the first School for Negroes in the Northern Neck, renovation and addition , an 75-100 bed assisted living facility with a transitional housing concept, and an educational facility including the largest seated-banquet facility in Northumberland County, Virginia. Lolalisa has been a great asset for us, as she consistently provided far more value than her competitors for each dollar spent. Finally, she has a heart and sprit to serve which makes “it right” for her clients and the community. When she applies her God given traits she leaves the project the best it can be with a lasting memorial of pride and ownership.
    Carlton Lewis, USDA Rural Development Civil Rights Staff
  • I met Architect for Life's President, Lolalisa, while she was in Orlando Florida at Turner Architects. After meeting Lolalisa and working to earn her business I quickly learned that she was a strong business woman of integrity and values in the both her personal and professional life. Lolalisa believes in her community and works very hard to be part of her surroundings. She is not a person that will expect others to take care of problems, but instead she is a leader who steps in and makes a difference. I strongly recommend Lolalisa King as a business partner, client, friend, and mentor. She is a person that makes you want to put your best foot forward and make things happen.
    Kathryn Campbell, Account Representative, NGI
  • Architect for Life's President Lolalisa King is super dynamic and amazingly bright. She has a passion for people and business that shines. I have seen her deal with adversity with a grace that is unmatched. I highly recommend Lolalisa! She is a blessing just to be around!
    Sandi Vidal, Executive Director, Christian HELP/Central Florida Employment Council
  • I would highly recommend Lolalisa. She is a dedicated professional who loves her job. Lolalisa puts attention in every single detail of a project and listens to her team. She entails positive leadership and encouragement to help the team achieve success.
    Daphne Floran, Architectural Designer-Project Coordinator, Architechnics3
  • Lolalisa was our architect for the creation of our bed & breakfast inn, The King's Inn at Sedgefield, in Greensboro North Carolina. The services she provided involved overseeing the project which called for the moving of three houses from three different plots of land and moving them to land we owned, joining the houses together to create one super house. We've received countless compliments on the stupdendous job she did. We have referred Lolalisa many times to others and expect to do it more. Our project was a very challenging project with many surprises due to weather and ground conditions before the new foundation could be poured to set the houses on, but Lolalisa persevered. She never gave a hint of frustration or giving up. She was a solace to us during that very trying time.
    Christopher & Leisha Dooley, Owners, The King's Inn at Sedgefield, Greensboro, NC
  • Lolalisa is a dedicated individual that displays all of the elements of a great leader. She has the respect of people she works with, is extremely knowledgeable, and has a vision of how individuals can work together for a better solution. She is extremely talented as an Architect and has the tools required to create a better built environment. It is my privilege to recommend someone with the level of expertise and professionalism as Lolalisa!
    Karen D. Jones-English, Executive Director, American Institute of Architects, Orlando Chapter
  • Lolalisa and I met at a leads group and what a privilege it was. She is one of the most dynamic, diligent, and compassionate people I have ever met. Her unique combination of drive and willingness to help all those in her path is like none other and no matter what her position, I believe Lolalisa has a great deal to offer others from both her experience and her wisdom. It is my privilege and pleasure to highly recommend Lolalisa. She is a highly sought after asset.
    Monica Wofford - Leadership Development Expert, CEO, Contagious Companies